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10W PL LED Lamp

10W PL LED Lamp

10W LED PL lamps have a wide range of applications, such as factories, hotels, stores, offices and other places. They are suitable for the situations where conventional fluorescent lamps are generally used.

The heat dissipation problem is solved, and the temperature of LED and power supply will not influence each other. Therefore, our 10W LED PL lamp is an ideal replacement for 26W traditional PL lamp.

1.10W LED PL lamp can replace 26W conventional PL light.
2.More than 50% energy can be saved
3.This 10W G24 LED light enables to keep light at least for 3 hours.
4.10W PL LED lamp can figure out whether the light is switched off because of a grid power lost or by a person automatically.
5.10W LED PL lamp can directly transfer AC to DC without flicker
6.The largest power for the emergency solution is ≤3W.
7.Our G24 LED light is configured with battery protective system and multifunctional TEST switches.
8.Characteristics of this 10W LED PL lamp include unique shape, fluid lines, high luminous efficiency, long life time, energy saving and high cost performance.
9.Without mercury and lead, our G24 LED light plays a protective effect on the environment.

Operation and Notes
1. Please use this G24 LED light based on the instruction in order to avoid electric shock. Laypeople do not mount or take down.
2. 10W PL LED lamp and its components must not be subjected to mechanical stress.
3. The complete installation must be done by an electrical expert who is familiar with the valid directives.
4. If any doubt about the installation or use of this 10W LED PL lamp, you can consult a competent electrician.
5. Don't use it if aluminum of the G24 LED light has any damage or distortion. Otherwise the product or the installation might not be sufficiently safe.
6. Please turn off power supply or the connection lead before doing any work.

Parameters of 10W PL LED Lamp

Product 8W PL Lamp 8W PL Lamp 10W PL Lamp
D 35mm 35mm 35mm
L 133mm 166mm 181mm
LED Qty 24pcs 36pcs 40pcs
Lumens 530Lm 690Lm 900Lm

Packaging and Transportation

PL Lamp Outer Carton size (L*W*H)  mm Qty/Carton (pcs) N.W (kg) G.W (kg)
6W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 8 10
8W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 9.5 11.5
10W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 11 13

We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of G24 LED light in China. Besides 10W LED PL lamp, we also provide 6W PL LED lamp light and 8W LED PL lamp light for customers to choose. Advanced light testing equipment is used to ensure the quality of our 10W G24 LED lights. Our 10W LED PL lamps are very popular in America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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