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6W PL LED Lamp

6W PL LED Lamp

6W E27 LED PL lights are widely used in various circumstances that need light, such as factories, hotels, stores, offices, airport, railway station, museum, restaurant, bar, jewelry store, exhibition hall and other places.

1.Isolated power supply inside, this 6W E27 LED PL light is more safe and better for heat dissipation.
2.6W E27 LED bulb can be a replacement of the 13W traditional PL lamp due to the solved heat issue.
3.Base type: G24 2PIN, G24 4PIN, E27 and E26 are optional
4.This 6W E27 LED PL light is able to save above 50% energy.
5.6W E27 LED bulb can identify whether the light was turned off due to a grid power lost or by a person automatically.
6.The largest power for the emergency solution is ≤3W.
7.The light decay is less than 3% in 3000 hours.
8.Equipped with high quality LED as light source, this 6W PL LED lamp features in high brightness, long lifespan, environmental protection and easy installation.

Operation and Notes
1.Normal voltage is required
2.The outside temperature should be maintained between -20℃ and 65℃ when the 6W E27 LED bulb is under operation.
3.Storage temperature should be kept between -40℃ and +85℃
4.6W E27 LED PL lights are required to be used according to the instruction.
5.The complete installation must be done by an electrical expert who is familiar with the valid directives.
6.Don't use it if aluminum of the 6W PL LED lamp E27 has any damage or distortion. Otherwise the product or the installation might not be sufficiently safe!
7.Assembly should not damage or destroy conducting paths.
8.E27 LED bulbs should be mounted on a stable, even and tilt-fixed background
9.6W E27 LED PL light must be kept away from direct sunshine and high temperature
10.Indoor use only

Parameters of 6W PL LED Lamp

Product 6W PL Lamp 8W PL Lamp 10W PL Lamp                   
D 35mm 35mm 35mm
L 133mm 166mm 181mm
LED Qty 24pcs 36pcs 40pcs
Lumens 530Lm 690Lm 900Lm

Packaging and Transportation

PL Lamp Outer Carton size (L*W*H)  mm Qty/Carton (pcs) N.W (kg) G.W (kg)
6W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 8 10
8W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 9.5 11.5
10W 425mmX425mmX220mm 100 11 13

As a professional manufacturer of E27 LED bulb, we provide professional, efficient and high-quality 6W E27 LED PL lights and services for customers. Besides 6W PL LED lamp, we also provide 8W and 10W E27 PL LED lights. With special design, our LED lighting equipment features in good heat dissipation, high luminance and high lighting effect. We adopt advanced light testing equipment to achieve automatic production. FusionBrite also provides OEM service for customers. If you need more information about our 6W E27 LED PL light, please feel free to contact us.

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