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  • 6W PL LED Lamp
  • Application: 6W E27 LED PL lights are widely used in various circumstances that need light, such as factories, hotels, stores, offices, airport, railway station, museum, restaurant, bar, jewelry store, exhibition hall and other places. Features : 1.Isolated power supply inside, this 6W E27 LED PL light is more safe and better for heat dissipation. 2.6W E27 LED bulb can be a replacement of the 13W traditional PL lamp due to the solved heat issue. 3.Base type: G24 2PIN, G24 4PIN, E27 and E26 are optional ...

  • 8W PL LED Lamp
  • Advantages: 1.The power supply, LED PCB and heat sink are separated and isolated, so the temperature of LED and power source will influence each other. 2.The brightness of our designed 8W E27 LED PL lamp can reach that of the traditional 13W PL light because the heat dissipation issue is solved.Features: 1.8W E27 LED PL lamp can replace 18W traditional PL light ...

  • 10W PL LED Lamp
  • Applications: The 10W E27 LED PL lights are widely used in shopping mall, office building, airport, railway station, museum, school, stadium, factory, restaurant, bar, jewelry store, exhibition hall and other places.Features : 1.10W E27 LED PL light is a replacement of 26W traditional PL lamp. 2.This E27 LED lamp can save more than 50% energy 3.Isolated power supply, LED PCB and radiator make sure...

E27 PL LED Light

Our company designs and produces E27 LED lights after doing numerous market research and experimental verification. The E27 LED PL lamps enable to replace the traditional PL lights. The E27 PL LED lights are suitable for discrete lighting, under shelves or along stairs and borders.
There are ordinary E27 LED PL lights and emergency E27 LED lamps for your choice. We offer 6W E27 LED PL lamp, 8W PL LED lights E27 and 10W LED PL lighting. We provide various colors for your selection, including pure white, warm white and natural white. Our E27 LED lights have received CE certificate.

1.The whole design has the advantages of elegant appearance, compact structure, beautiful modeling.
2.The life time of this E27 PL LED light is more than 32,000 hours
3.This E27 LED PL lamp is designed with 180 degrees rotation
4.Main characteristics of this E27 LED PL light include energy conservation, environmental protection, easy to install, long service life, low lumen depreciation and stable performance.
5.E27 PL LED light is a direct replacement for lamps that you use at this moment in time
6.Using new technology, the light decay is less than 3% in 3000 hours.
7.This E27 LED PL lamp can be equipped with emergency function
8.Our E27 PL LED lights adopt excellent LED and high light transmittance of our own designed PC cover, so it has high lighting effect.

FusionBrite Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized E27 PL LED light manufacturer in China. Besides E27 LED PL light, we mainly offer G24 LED PL lamp, LED tube light, LED bulb light, LED spotlight and PAR LED lamp light. We not only have world-class R&D equipment, but also possess a powerful high-quality R&D team that can finish the OEM sample within seven days. Our E27 PL LED lights have received European CE certificate, American UL certificate and German GS certificate.

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