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Emergency LED Tube Light

Emergency LED Tube Light

Emergency LED tube lights are designed for unexpected situation, which can maintain lighting with battery when the city electricity is off suddenly. LED T8 tubes also can be used as normal lighting source and can supply enough light in daily work and life.
The emergency LED tube light is composed of LED, power supply, PC cover, aluminum tube and emergency battery. It can provide lighting for the underpass and other places with frequent power outage. The emergency LED tube also can be used in shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses and corridors.

The emergency LED T8 tube light can automatically change between normal lighting and emergency lighting. If there is no city electricity, the battery will be in operation. Two modes are available:
City electricity mode: The emergency LED tube light can operate as normal lighting for daily life when the city electricity is connected. The battery in external emergency driver is being charged automatically.
Emergency mode: If the city electricity fails, the battery will work and supply power to the LED tube for lighting. This emergency LED tube light can last for 3 hours. Perfect protection is applied for the battery when voltage is low and short circuit happens.

1.The emergency LED T8 tube light adopts an intelligent integrated chip, which can availably control battery energy storage and make the light to work for another three hours in the event of power outage.

2.This emergency LED tube light has no flicker. Additionally, it emits without UV rays and generates low heat radiation, so this T8 tube light is safe to use and environment-friendly.
3.This lighting product is energy saving, consuming 40-60% less energy than traditional lights
4.The emergency LED tube light enables to maintain excellent glowing effect after lighting for a long time (one year).
5.Equipped with self-developed driving power, this LED fluorescent tubes can effectively control their service life.
6.The light attenuation is less than 3% within 1000 hours

Operation and Notes
1. The emergency LED tube light can replace traditional fluorescent tube directly. It needs to remove the ballast firstly.
2. There is no special maintenance for this emergency LED T8 tube light.

Parameters of Emergency LED Tube Light

LED Tube State Power Input Voltage Power Efficiency Power Factor Coupling Mode THD PFC Output Accuracy
600mm City Electricity 10W AC100~240V 86% 0.97 Isolation < 14% PFC < 3%
Emergency 3W 80% < 5%
1200mm City Electricity 20W AC100~240V 86% 0.97 Isolation < 14% PFC < 3%
Emergency 3W 80% < 5%
1500mm City Electricity 25W AC100~240V 86% 0.97 Isolation < 14% PFC < 3%
Emergency 3W 80% < 5%
1800mm City Electricity 30W AC100~240V 86% 0.97 Isolation < 14% PFC < 3%
Emergency 3W 80% < 5%

LED Tube State Luminous flux Efficiency Illuminance
1m 2m 3m
600mm City Electricity 880lm 88lm/W 201lux 47lux 21lux
Emergency 250lm 83lm/W 39lux 12lux 6lux
1200mm City Electricity 1800lm 90lm/W 312lux 87lux 42lux
Emergency 250lm 83lm/W 30lux 8lux 4lux
1500mm City Electricity 2250lm 90lm/W 361lux 113lux 54lux
Emergency 250lm 83lm/W 27lux 6lux 2lux
1800mm City Electricity 2850lm 95lm/W 416lux 137lux 66lux
Emergency 250lm 83lm/W 24lux 5lux 2lux

Packaging and Transportation

Length Outer Carton Size (L*W*H) Qty/Carton N.W. G.W.
600mm LED tube 645X265X218mm  20pcs 6.50kg 7.00kg
1200mm LED tube 1260X265X218mm  20pcs 11.30kg 12.60kg
1500mm LED tube 1570X265X218mm  20pcs 15.20kg 16.00kg
1800mm LED tube 1830X265X218mm  20pcs 19.2kg 20.4kg
Emergency driver 580X260X210mm  40pcs 13.6kg 15.00kg

As a professional emergency LED tube light manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide standard LED tube light, electronic ballast compliant LED tube, combined LED tube, external driver LED tube, PL LED light, LED bulb light and LED spotlight. Our LED T8 tubes have received European CE certificate, American UL certificate and German GS certificate. Our products including emergency LED tube light are exported to America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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