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G24 PL LED Light

Through numerous market research and experimental verification, we develop the G24 LED PL lights. They can replace correspondent traditional PL lamps in length and brightness. The G24 LED PL lamps are ideal for discrete lighting, under shelves or along stairs and borders.
We offer three types of G24 LED PL lights, including 6W, 8W and 10W. The users can choose three colors: pure white, warm white and natural white. Our G24 plug LED lights have obtained CE certificate.

1.The advantages of G24 LED PL lamps are unique design, stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection and easy installation.
2.High grade aluminum materials are used to increase heat dissipation area.
3.This G24 PL LED light has long life time and its lifespan is more than32,000 hours.
4.Traditional fluorescent lamp using AC will have 100-120 times per second strobe. While G24 plug LED light can directly convert AC to DC, which will not generate flicker, so it helps to protect your eyes.
5.With fantastic design, this G24 LED PL lamp can revolve 180 degrees.
6.Adopting new technology, the light attenuation is less than 3% in 3000 hours.
7.This G24 LED PL light can directly replace the conventional daylight lamps.
8.Emergency function is available
9.This G24 LED PL lamp can be configured with 2 pins and 4 pins

Operation and Notes
1. Please maintain normal voltage required
2. The outside temperature should be maintained between -20℃ and 65℃ when using this G24 LED PL lamp.
3. Storage temperature should be kept at -40℃ to +85℃
4. G24 plug LED light can not be used in the moist or corrosive environment.
5. Please use the G24 LED light according to the instruction and avoid electric shock. Laypeople are forbidden to mount or take down.
6. If any doubt about the installation or use of this G24 LED PL light, please consult a competent electrician
7. The G24 LED PL lamp shall not be used if its aluminum has any damage or distortion. Otherwise the product or the installation may be dangerous.
8. Please switch off the mains supply or respectively the connection lead before doing any work.

As a professional G24 LED PL lamp manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a series of G24 PL LED light, including 6W PL LED lamp light, 8W PL LED lamp light and 10W PL LED lamp light. Besides G24 LED PL lamp, we also supply LED tube light, LED bulb light, LED spotlight and PAR LED lamp light. Advanced light testing equipment is used to ensure the quality of our G24 plug LED lights. Till now, our G24 LED PL lamps have been exported to America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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