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High Lumen Led Tube Light

High Lumen Led Tube Light

High brightness LED tube light can be widely used in a lot of locations such as indoor lighting, hotels, buildings, offices, plants, hospitals, schools, parking lots, supermarkets and meeting rooms.

1.The lighting effect of this high luminous LED tube light can reach 100LM/W.
2.Besides high brightness, this high lumen LED tube light also can be equipped with the high color rendering index and dimming functions.
3.The luminance of 1.5m LED tube light with high brightness enables to reach 3000-3500lm.
4.High brightness LED tube light gives out uniform light without light spot or dark area.
5.High transparency PC cover is used for this LED tube light with high luminance so as to obtain higher luminous efficiency.
6.This high luminous LED tube light can save more than 60% energy.
7.0603 aluminum is selected and used for the purpose of reaching better heat dissipation effect.
8.Without chemical contamination, our high brightness LED tube lights completely accord with ROHS standard.
9.This high luminous LED tube light adopts independent self-developed driving power, which can control the life time effectively. The luminous decay is less than 3% within 1000 hours.
10.From electronic circuit, photoprocess to shape design are all accomplished by our R&D team.

Operation and Notes
1. The high luminous LED tube light can directly take the place of the traditional fluorescent tube.
2. For inductive bracket, there is no need to reform the line. Only need to replace the starter on the fixture with a LED fuse.
3. For electronic support, it shall remove the electronic ballast.
4. The high brightness LED tube lights do not need special maintenance.

Parameters of High Lumen LED Tube Light

Model No. Dimension (mm) Power (W) LED  type LED QTY (pcs) Work voltage (V) Lumen (lm)
FB-T860-13-HL D28x600 13 SMD2835 48 AC85-265 1000-1200
FB-T890-19-HL D28x900 19 SMD2835 72 AC85-265 1600-1800
FB-T8120-25-HL D28x1200 25 SMD2835 96 AC85-265 2100-2400
FB-T8150-30-HL D28x1500 30 SMD5730 120 AC85-265 3000-3500
FB-T8180-35-HL D28x1800 35 SMD2835 144 AC85-265 3350-3600
FB-T8240-45-HL D28x2400 45 SMD2835 240 AC85-265 4000-4400
FB-T845-9-HL D28x450 9 SMD2835 60 AC85-265 700-900
FB-T875-12-HL D28x750 12 SMD2835 60 AC85-265V 1200-1400
Color temperature: warm white 3000-3500K, natural white 4500-5700K, pure white 6000-6500K
Cover options Milky cover, strips-cover, transparent cover

Packaging and Transportation
1.The high luminous LED tube light can be packed by square shape inner box or round shape inner box.
2.Transport by express, by air or by sea, at clients' option.

Model No. Carton size L*W*H mm QTY/Carton PCS Net Weight KG Gross weight KG
FB-T860-13-HL 660x258x230 20 6.20 8.20
FB-T890-19-HL 960x258x230 20 8.40 11.30
FB-T8120-25-HL 1260x258x230 20 10.60 13.40
FB-T8150-30-HL 1560x258x230 20 15.60 19.20

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of high luminous LED tube light in China, we also provide PIR sensor LED tube, emergency LED tube, electronic ballast compliant LED tube, combined LED tube, dimmable LED tube light, LED tube light with rotatable end caps, PL LED light, LED bulb light and LED lamp light. FusionBrite adopts sampling inspection and finished product inspection system to control the quality of the high brightness LED tube lights. We not only have world-class R&D equipment, but also possess a powerful high-quality R&D team that can finish the OEM sample within seven days.

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