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  • 5W LED Bulb Light
  • Applications: 5W LED light bulbs are suitable for illumination in hotels, buildings, offices, hospitals, plants, schools, parking lots, supermarkets, living rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, museum and other places.Features : 1.This 5W LED light bulb is composed of LED, PC cover and aluminum 2.5 Watt LED bulbs use......

  • 6W LED Bulb Light
  • Applications: 6W LED light bulbs can be broadly used for hotels, buildings, offices, hospitals, plants, schools, parking lots, supermarkets, meeting rooms, restaurants, museum and other places. Features : 1.This 6W LED light bulb has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, which enables it to work continuously for 5 years. 2.Compared with conventional incandescent light ...

  • 7W LED Bulb Light
  • Applications 1.7W LED light bulbs are replacement lamps for general lighting in hotel and household decoration, especially for galleries and courtyard. 2.This LED lamp also can be used for advertisement boards 3.7W LED bulbs are suitable for spot light in art display, museum and jewelry counter. 4.Window display in fashion shop, fashion show, notebook and PC shop are available ...

LED Bulb Light

LED bulbs can be used for lighting in hotels, buildings, offices, hospitals, plants, schools, parking lots, supermarkets, living rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, museum and other places. Our LED light bulb can be divided into common light bulbs and dimmable LED bulbs.
As a professional LED lighting manufacturer, we offer different kinds of LED lamps, such as FB-LB6G60, FB-LB5G60 and FB-LB7G70. 5W, 6W and 7W LED lights can be optional. Our LED bulbs are designed with three colors, including warm white, white and natural white.
E27, E26, B22 and GU10 lamp bases are available. Customers should choose the right base and proper LED light bulb as the replacement for the lamps that you use at this moment in time. Our LED bulbs do not need any maintenance.

1.This LED light bulb has high light transmittance, its whole luminous efficiency can reach up to 80LM/W
2.The LED bulbs adopt high efficiency LED, with unique design and elegant appearance
3.Equipped with 0603 aluminum alloy, this LED bulb light owns excellent performance in heat dissipation.
4.The lifespan is up to 36,000 hours, which is equivalent to 45 times of incandescent lamp and 25 times of the traditional halogen lamps.
5.The LED bulbs have a short payback period. You are supposed to recover the costs within one year for 18 to 24 hours use per day.
6.The LED light bulb features in easy usage, stable performance, low lumen depreciation, high CRI, high luminous flux, uniform lighting, no noise and no dark space.
7.Adopting a lamp shade made of PMMA, PC or glass, the LED light has good light transmission
8.LED bulbs are significantly more efficient than conventional lamps. They can save 75% or more energy in comparison with the conventional 60 Watt light bulbs and can save approaching 90% when LED lighting is installed.
9.This environmental LED lamp can save our natural resources and produces less CO2 emissions in the process.

As a professional LED bulbs manufacturer and supplier in China, we mainly offer LED candle bulb light, dimmable LED lamp, LED fluorescent tubes, LED PL light, LED spot light and PAR LED light. With special design, our LED lighting features in good heat dissipation, high luminance and high lighting effect. We not only have world-class R&D equipment, but also possess a powerful high-quality R&D team that can finish the OEM sample within seven days. If you need more information about our LED bulbs, please contact us.

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