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  • GU10 LED Spotlight Light
  • Application: This GU10 LED spot light used with lens can well control the luminescent spectrum, and used for local lighting and accent lighting, such as window display, museum exhibition, shopping malls and bars. Features : 1. This GU10 LED spot light can be driven by low voltage direct current or built-in constant current. 2. Our spotlight is characterized...

  • E27 LED Spotlight Light
  • Application E27 LED spotlights are suitable for the lighting in museums, art galleries, bars, supermarket, advertisement board and window display. They can replace traditional halogen lamps. Features 1.The lamp base is made of engineering PC plastic, so this E27 LED spot light enables to withstand high temperature. 2.This E27 LED spotlight ...

  • MR16 LED Spotlight Light
  • The MR16 LED spotlight has four models with various dimension and power consumption. It works at AC100-240 input voltage. FBSPW4-HCR with diameter of 49.7×59.2mm offers the highest lumen among the series LED spotlight bulb. MR16 LED reflector lamps matched with lens enable to control the luminescent spectrum, so they are ...

  • E14 LED Spotlight Light
  • Application: E14 LED spotlight can be used in counters, shopwindow, museums, factories, offices, shopping malls, bars, hotels, dining halls, supermarkets, and other places. With small size, the LED reflector bulb can be used with all sorts of lamps. Features : 1.E14 LED spotlight can be driven by low voltage direct current and internal constant current. 2.Characteristics of the LED reflector bulbs are energy saving ...

  • E26 LED Spotlight Light
  • Application: This E26 LED spotlight used with lens can well control the luminescent spectrum. The LED lights are applied to local lighting and accent lighting, such as window display, museum, shopping malls bars as well as other places. The LED spot light is a replacement for traditional halogen lamp. Features : 1.The lifespan ...

LED Spotlight Light

The LED spotlight regards the light emitting diode as light source, featuring in energy conservation, environment protection and long operating time. LED spotlight bulbs are mainly used for replacement of traditional halogen lamps and indoor directional lighting, such as counter and window display, shopping malls and bars.
They are also can be matched with other lamps, having an extensive range of application. LED spotlight adopts imported super bright LED chips and our fully automatic encapsulation technology to ensure the reliable performance of each LED.

1.The lamp head and housing molds are designed by us, which can ensure that the whole LED spot light has elegant appearance and excellent heat dissipation.
2.Energy saving and environmental protection, its lifespan is up to 35000hrs
3.Equipped with built-in constant current driver, this LED spotlight works stably without noise.
4.The LED spot light bulbs use EVERLIGHT lamp beads, featuring in high lumen output and low light decay.
5.Designed with dustproof and leakage protection functions, our LED spotlights can operate safely and offer long life time.
6.The LED spotlight bulbs have various product categories, including normal one and high brightness type. Dimmable LED spot light has stable dimming performance.

1.We offer 3W and 4W LED spot lights with high luminance.
2.The 4W LED spotlight lamp can use CREE chips for production.
3.Dimmable spot light: AC100-240V dimming and AC/DC12V+external power supply dimming
4.Four kinds of lamp heads (E27/E14/E26/GU10/GU5.3) and three colors (WW, NW and PW) can be optional.

1.This LED spot lights do not need repair and maintenance
2.Two year warranty is provide
3.For AC100-240V, it can use LED spotlight to replace the traditional one directly
4.AC/DC12~24V, external power supply can be used for transformation.

FusionBrite Technology is a specialized LED spotlight manufacturer in China. With strong R&D capacity, we can manufacture and provide a series of LED lights products, including LED tube light, LED PL light, LED light bulb and PAR LED light. Our LED spot lights have received CE and ROHS certificates. In addition, we have exported our LED spotlight bulbs to America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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