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  • Standard LED Tube Light
  • The standard LED tube light is composed of LED, power supply, PC cover and aluminum base. The standard LED tubes can be applied to indoor lighting, hotels, buildings, offices, plants, hospitals, schools, parking lots, supermarkets and meeting rooms. The standard LED tube light has good light mixing effect, no light spot and dark regions...

  • PIR Sensor LED Tube Light
  • PIR sensor LED tube light is more energy saving than the conventional LED tubes. It consists of LED, inductor, power source, PC cover and aluminum tube. We have two kinds of infrared sensors, as follows: 1. The infrared sensor LED fluorescent tube is on when someone comes, otherwise it will be off 2. PIR sensor LED tube light turns on when someone passes. If nobody comes it will emit soft light...

  • Emergency LED Tube Light
  • Emergency LED tube lights are designed for unexpected situation, which can maintain lighting with battery when the city electricity is off suddenly. LED T8 tubes also can be used as normal lighting source and can supply enough light in daily work and life. The emergency LED tube light is composed of LED...

  • Dimmable LED Tube Light
  • Features: 1. The light source adopts Everlight's top LED, featuring in high brightness and long service life 2. The luminance can be adjusted from 0 to 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. 3. Besides their own dimming function, the LED lights also can be added additional functions, such as high brightness and high color rendering index...

  • Electronic Ballast Compliant LED Tube Light
  • Features: 1. The main characteristic of this LED fluorescent tube light is that it is not necessary to change any electric circuit or to remove starter and ballast. 2. This electronic ballast compliant LED tube light features in electronic compatibility. Although it can not be compatible with all kinds of electronic ballast, the pressure-proof 630V CBB and 800V MOSFET may be compatible with most of the electronic ballasts in the market...

  • Combined LED Tube Light
  • Features:1.The covering areas between the lamps become smaller by installing multiple LED daylight tubes of the same type, so the luminous efficiency can be enhanced. 2.This combined LED tube lights feature in energy conservation, environment protection, long operating time, high lighting effect, noiseless and no chemical pollution. 3.It consists of LED, external driving power, aluminum tube and PC cover...

  • External Driver LED Tube Light
  • Features: 1. Compared to the traditional fluorescent light, this LED tube light adopts external driving power supply. 2. This LED tube light with external driver can be equipped with additional functions, such as high brightness and color rendering index. 3. For light source, this external driver LED tube light adopts Everlight's top-level LED, which features in high luminance and long use time

  • Rotatable End-Caps LED Tube Light
  • Features 1.The LED tube light with rotatable end caps can adjust lighting direction by revolving the end caps. 2.Besides rotatable end caps, the high brightness, color rendering index and dimming functions are available for this rotating end caps T8 LED tube. 3.The rotating end cap T8 LED tube lights consist of LED, driving power supply, aluminum, PC cover and rotating end caps...

  • High Lumen Led Tube Light
  • Features 1.The lighting effect of this high luminous LED tube light can reach 100LM/W. 2.Besides high brightness, this high lumen LED tube light also can be equipped with the high color rendering index and dimming functions. 3.The luminance of 1.5m LED tube light with high brightness enables to reach 3000-3500lm. 4.High brightness LED tube light gives out uniform light without light spot or dark area.

LED Tube Light

Our LED tube lights are specially designed, from electronic circuit, optical processing to shape design accomplished by our R&D team. We mainly offer standard LED tube, PIR sensor LED tube, emergency LED tube, electronic ballast compliant LED tube, combined LED tube, external driver LED tube, high lumens LED tube, high CRI LED tube, dimmable LED tube and waterproof IP65 LED tube. Our LED fluorescent tubes have received TUV certificate.

The LED tube lights can be applied to indoor lighting, hotels, buildings, offices, plants, hospitals, schools, parking lots, supermarkets and meeting rooms.

Features of LED Tube Light
1. The light source adopts top LED of Taiwan Everlight, featuring in high luminance and long service life
2. Our LED tube lights select and use 0603 aluminum in order to achieve excellent heat dissipation effect
3. The power supply is designed and manufactured by us, so we can control the quality
4. The LED fluorescent tubes are equipped with high transparency PC cover for the purpose of achieving higher lighting effect
5. The power factor can reach as high as 97%
6. The luminous efficiency of the LED tube lights is 100LM/W
7. The LED fluorescent tube glows evenly without light spot or dark space
8. We provide the following length 45CM, 60CM, 75CM, 90CM, 120CM, 180CM and 240CM for users to choose

Founded in 2005, FusionBrite Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED tube light in China. Our main products include LED fluorescent tubes, PL LED light, LED bulb light, LED spotlight light and PAR LED lamp light. Our LED tube lights have received European CE certificate, American UL certificate and German GS certificate. Our products are exported to America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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