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  • PAR20 LED Light
  • This LED PAR20 bulb can substitute for 25W, 35W and 45W conventional spot lights. The day white type of this LED PAR light can generate 230lm, 380lm and 450lm lumen. Our LED PAR lamps are extensively used for decoration fields such as super market, hotel, exhibition hall, show window, disco, KTV, house decoration and enclosed landscape lighting.....

  • PAR30 LED Light
  • This PAR30 LED light is a replacement of 45W/50W/60W conventional spotlight with E27 medium screw base or bayonet fitting B22. Its diameter is 95mm. The beam angle can be from 10 degree to 135 degree. This LED reflector produces 450lm/540lm/510lm lumen. This PAR30 LED light can be used as stage lighting product in night bars....

  • PAR38 LED Light
  • This PAR38 LED lamp is designed and produced based on the LED energy saving and thermal management technology. The diameter of PAR38 light is 121mm. The beam angle is from 10 degree to 135 degree. This 9W/12W/15W PAR38 LED light ....

PAR LED Lamp Light

Adopting LED energy-saving and thermal management technology, we design various PAR lamps, including PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38. Additionally, we design our own mold for LED PAR lamp according to the traditional parabolic aluminized reflector lamp. This PAR light can replace conventional spotlights from 35W to 85W with E27 medium screw base or bayonet fitting B22.
The LED PAR light is available in warm white, natural white, day white and commercial white color temperatures. It uses 85-240V AC power. We offer LED PAR20 light bulb 3W, 5W and 6W, LED PAR30 lamp 6W,7W and SMD 9W as well as PAR38 12W,15W and SMD 22W.

1.The LED PAR lights are widely used for decoration field such as supermarket, hotel, tavern, meeting room, exhibition hall, show window, disco, karaoke singing hall and house decoration.
2.Parabolic aluminized reflector lamps are replacement bulbs for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counter and other places.
3.This LED PAR lamp can be used in recessed lighting, enclosed landscape lighting as well as other applications.

Saving more than 90% energy, LED lights become very popular replacement for PAR spotlights. Some LED PAR lights are dimmable, so we suggest you try a sample first.

1.Various lamp bases including E26, E27, B22 and GU10 are available for this PAR LED lamp.
2.Our parabolic aluminized reflector lamp (PAR lamp) adopts advanced thermal management with internal aluminium PCB board and external die cast housing.
3.This LED PAR light has the advantages of energy saving, environment friendly, high light effect and unique design.
4.The brightness degradation is 3% -10% within 10,000 hours
5.The LED PAR lamp will not generate UV and IR radiation.
6.The LED PAR lights have a full range of colors, including day light, warm white, neutral white, red, blue and green.
7.When this parabolic aluminized reflector lamp is operating, the working temperature should be maintained between -20℃ and 65℃
8.The lifespan of this LED PAR light is up to 36,000 hours
9.LED PAR20 is approved by CE and ROHS standards

Our main LED lighting products include LED PAR light, LED tube light, LED PL lamp, LED light bulb and LED spotlight. We provide professional, efficient and high-quality products and services for customers in accordance with the market-based and high technology. Our parabolic aluminized reflector lamps are energy conservation, environment protection and safe lighting equipments. We have exported our LED PAR light to America, Britain, Korea, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

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