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PAR38 LED Light

PAR38 LED Light

This PAR38 LED lamp is designed and produced based on the LED energy saving and thermal management technology. The diameter of PAR38 light is 121mm. The beam angle is from 10 degree to 135 degree.
This 9W/12W/15W PAR38 LED light enables to replace 60W/75W/85W conventional spot lamp. It can be compatible with E27, B22 and GU10 lamp heads. This PAR38 LED lamp gives out 660lm, 85lm and 1100lm lumen.

PAR38 LED lights are suitable for decoration fields, such as supermarket, hotel, meeting room, exhibition hall, show window, disco and house decoration. It can also be used for recessed lighting and landscape lighting.

1.This PAR38 LED lamp is characterized by high luminous efficiency, good color rendering index and low light attenuation due to high-quality light source.
2.The isolated power supply with high power efficiency is developed by our R&D team. On the same luminous effect, the power consumption of this PAR lamp is one-eighth of incandescent bulbs while half of the fluorescent tubes.
3.The PAR38 LED lamps possess the characteristics of unique design, excellent workmanship, stable performance, cost effective, soft light, epoxy encapsulated and not easy to break.
4.PAR38 LED light will not produce mercury, sodium and other elements of potential health hazards.
5.Our PAR lamps are equipped with built-in micro-processing system, which can control the light intensity and adjust the light-emitting ways to achieve the combination of light and art.
6.With built-in screw, this PAR38 LED lamp has elegant and attractive appearance
7.This PAR light can directly replace the traditional spotlight without changing the circuit
8.Our own designed isolated driver makes this LED reflector more safe and stable

Parameters of PAR38 LED Light, 9W/12W/15W

Packaging and Transportation

Product Lamp base E27 Lamp base B22 Lamp base GU10
D 120mm 120mm 120mm
L 125.3mm 125.3mm 121.3mm
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