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PIR Sensor LED Tube Light

PIR Sensor LED Tube Light

PIR sensor LED tube light is more energy saving than the conventional LED tubes. It consists of LED, inductor, power source, PC cover and aluminum tube. We have two kinds of infrared sensors, as follows:
1. The infrared sensor LED fluorescent tube is on when someone comes, otherwise it will be off
2. PIR sensor LED tube light turns on when someone passes. If nobody comes it will emit soft light
This LED fluorescent tube is an ideal replacement of the traditional fluorescent tubes. It emits uniform and glare-free brightness with instant start-up. Equipped with a PIR sensor, this LED tube automatically switches on and off when detecting motion within an 8-meter range.

The PIR sensor LED tube light can be broadly used in parking lots, hotels, storages and other places need to be illuminative.

Compared with the other products, this PIR sensor LED tube light has the following advantages:
1. There are various induction modes for customers to choose.
2. The induction time and brightness can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the customers.
3. The PIR sensor LED tube light provide Day & Night and Night-only modes for customers to choose.

Features of Infrared Sensor LED Tube Light
1. The PIR sensor LED tube light can keep excellent glowing effect after lighting for a long time (one year).
2. The LED fluorescent tubes are equipped with self-developed driving power to control the product life.
3. Light failure within 1000 hours can be controlled in 3%
4. The minimum luminance can be adjusted to 3W.
5. The sensing range is from 120×2m to 120×3m.

Operation and Notes
1. The PIR sensor LED tube light can replace traditional fluorescent tube directly without any change to the circuit. Only need to replace the starter on the fixture with a LED starter.
2. The LED fluorescent tube does not need special maintenance.

Parameters of PIR Sensor LED Tube Light


PIR Sensor Tube State Luminous flux Efficiency Illuminance  
1m 2m 3m  
600mm standby 0/160lm 53lm/W 45lux 10.5lux 4.7lux
activated 880lm 88lm/W 201lux 47lux 21lux
1200MM standby 0/340lm 68lm/W 69.8lux 19.8lux 9.4lux
activated 1800lm 90lm/W 312lux 87lux 42lux
1500MM standby 0/340lm 68lm/W 80.8lux 25lux 12lux
activated 2250lm 90lm/W 361lux 112.4lux 54lux

Packaging and Transportation

Length Outer Carton Size (L*W*H) Qty/Carton N.W. G.W.
600mm 645X26X218mm 20pcs 4.88kg 5.38kg
1200mm 1260X265X218mm 20pcs 8.48kg 9.78kg
1500mm 1570X265mX218mm 20pcs 9.06kg 9.86kg

FusionBrite Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PIR sensor LED tube light manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer standard LED tubes, emergency LED tube, electronic ballast compliant LED tube, combined LED tube, external driver LED tube, PL LED light, LED bulb light and LED spotlight. FusionBrite Technology adopts advanced light testing equipment and achieves automatic production. We not only have world-class R&D equipment, but also possess a powerful high-quality R&D team that can finish the OEM sample within seven days. If you need more information about our PIR sensor LED tube light, please contact us.

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